Sunday, April 15, 2007

I actually enjoyed an MLS match

I decided to give the MLS another try this season since I knew more Kansas City Wizards games were going to be available on TV. Plus, I was interested to see if the MLS were trying anything new in the presentation department in this "the year of Beckham". Well, nothing in the presentation department stood out, but I gotta tell ya, KC looked fantastic in winning 4-2!

The Wizards and DC United played a wonderfully exciting, fast-paced game throughout! There were 3 goals scored in the first 11 minutes of the game! Also, though the field conditions were slippery and sloppy from the almost continuous downpour of rain, the play between the two teams was anything but sloppy (for the most part).

KC's #1 Draft Pick, Michael Harrington, scored with his first shot on goal just a few minutes into the game, making his goal (according to Omar Garriot's recap for "...the fastest in MLS history for a player making his league debut". The left-winger, Harrington, would later add a sweet cross toward a teammate near goal, but that shot was denied.

Midfielders Sasha Victorine and Davy Arnaud were a constant presence throughout, feeding the ball to the very impressive and speedy duo of Forwards - Eddie Johnson and Scott Sealy. Sealy is frickin' fast, but Johnson was just plain awesome last night! Though never a fan of MLS, I was thrilled when we traded for Johnson last year as I had seen him play for the US National Team and had been very impressed. His form, unfortunately, was pretty lackluster last year for both the Wizards and the National Team. It's great to see him back on track...though I wonder how long it will take before some of the big European clubs take notice and entice him over there?

All in all, I was surprisingly impressed and entertained by the product on the field last night. I look forward to the next Wizards game now, and heck, I might become an MLS fan after all.

Though, on a sidenote, I have to make this comment: Does KC really still need to call themselves the Wizards? How about something more traditional like KC FC (Kansas City Football Club)? Or at the very least change the logo to something a little cooler than a soccer ball with a frickin' rainbow shooting out the back of it! I mean, do we really need a Wizard of Oz connection to the sports team?

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