Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Candy Bar Adventures available as an ebook!

Well, looks like it's time for a little shameless self-promotion - *shame-filled sigh*- so, here we go...

The first two books in my "The Candy Bar Adventures" series are available in ebook format for the Amazon Kindle; Barnes&Noble Nook; iBooks app/store for iPad (and other Apple products); and you can even go to Lulu.com (the self-publishing site I use) and get them for various other devices. With the exception of Amazon, the ebooks are in the epub file format. Now, here's the exciting part - each book is available for just $2.99! Yes, you just read that right - $2.99! That's less than $3!!! (no, really, it is - I did the math and everything).

How 'bout some helpful links to facilitate that purchase, hmmmm? No pressure or anything...(for the love of God, just buy a couple copies!!! *uncontrollable sobbing begins...followed by holding of breath*)

The Candy Bar Adventures books at Amazon.com

The Candy Bar Adventures books at Barnes&Noble

The Candy Bar Adventures books at Lulu.com

The Candy Bar Adventures books at iBookstore...well, ok, I don't have a link for this one - you gotta have an Apple device that can download and run the iBooks app...I think you can download the app through iTunes too.

Anyway, still working on the third book in The Candy Bar Adventures series (3 years and counting now - I'm a little embarrassed) but it'll be completed eventually.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Atlantis Rising - Cool mag; how about a TV show?

Doing a little catch-up reading on my latest issues of Atlantis Rising magazine and I got to thinking - man, this would make for a cool, little, weekly TV series. For those unfamiliar with this magazine, the tag line on its covers' read: "Ancient Mysteries - Unexplained Anomalies - Future Science"...basically a lot of supernatural/new age/alternative explanations type stuff that you have to take with a big grain of salt - but damn if the stories aren't entertaining as hell.

It's a really well-assembled magazine for the most part (I get a little annoyed that a majority of the articles start on such-and-such page, and then you have to skip ahead 20+ pages for the rest of the article so that entire pages inbetween can be devoted to some wacky new age product...but, hey, they gotta pay their bills somehow so, I understand) with a lot of cool graphics to go along with the great stories, and though a little heavy on the ads, even the majority of those are pretty entertaining to peruse.

What makes this magazine so cool is that some of the stories are actually 99 - 100% factual - it's just that it's odd type stuff that may not be known to most people - for example, in Issue 81, they had a neat story on "The John Dee - 007 Connection" in which it was explained that Ian Fleming used a 16th Century alchemist/magician by the name of John Dee as a major inspiration for his James Bond character, as well as various other aspects in his 007 series of stories. As a fan of the James Bond series, I thought this was pretty interesting info.

Then there are the many stories dealing with archaeological/historical themes that aren't exactly in line with the traditional scholarly thinking - thus any rational person would need to take the info. in with a healthy dose of skepticism - BUT - there always seems to be just enough there to make you ask "what if?". As far as I'm concerned, "what if?" is the one question that adds a real spice to life, so I love these type of stories. I mean, it's a couple of Europeans from the middle of the last millennium who are credited with proving that the Earth is round and revolves around the Sun when, in reality, scrolls from the famed Ancient Library of Alexandria showed that it was already proven in ancient Egyptian times - a full 1700 - 1800 years earlier!

Anyway, I would like to see the folks who run this magazine make a pitch to the folks at the History channel, or SyFy channel, or even the Discovery channel, to see if they would be interested in creating a weekly, hour-long show featuring stories from the magazine. Like I said, it all comes back to asking that great, entertaining, question - "what if?".