Monday, May 2, 2011

Nice shootin' SEALS!

With a well placed shot to the head and chest, the words "Bad Mother Fucker" will be replaced on wallets all across America with "SEAL Team Six". A ballsy mission pulled off with spectacular gusto. OBL sleeps with the fishes.

Way to go fellas! I hope you all get a "Drink Free for Life" card good in every bar & pub across the nation.

I also hope this will speed the process of bringing our brave military men and women back home to their family and friends.

I know the death of one piece of hairy feces won't completely shut the door on ancient ignorance, but perhaps now we can truly begin to move forward and make the 21st Century that giant leap for mankind we envisioned it could be in the 20th: advanced space travel technology; colonization of Mars and moons; wide-scale renewable clean energies; cheap & efficient de-salinization of water for all; new farming techniques and philosophies so that all will have healthy food in abundance; but most of all - widespread acceptance and appreciation for each other and this gift of life we've all been given.

Oh, and hover cars! We were supposed to have hover cars by now, dammit!...but I digress.

We've spent way too much time and money taking out the trash - let's get back to creating/improving/inspiring.

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