Saturday, October 20, 2012

Awkward Family hilariously good!

Ok, I know this site has been around awhile - but, better late than never, I gotta say it - Awkward Family Photos is the best!  It's one of my favorite sites right now - never fails to make me laugh...and not just a little "ha-ha" giggle either; rather, more often than not, a full-blown, "Oh shit! I can't catch my breath and I'm about to stroke out!" tear-filled, thunderous guffaw!

Those pictures...Jesus.  Then the captions/stories good. 

Why has this not been turned into a weekly TV show yet, ala "America's Funniest Home Videos"?  I'd definitely tune in every week!  Although, if they gave money to the funnniest photo/story every week, I'm sure you'd soon have people staging fake "awkward photos" and stories just to try and win some money...that would ruin it.

In the meantime, the site does feature some funny videos detailing the pictures and the stories behind them.  To the folks who created this site - "Thank you!" for the laughs (and a big "Thank you" goes out to all the folks who are brave enough to send in their embarassing photos).  Here I thought my love of bacon would be the death of me, but now it will probably come from blowing a blood vessel in my brain from laughing so damn hard at this site!

Oh, they also sell greeting cards at Target that feature photos from the site.  Yeah, I looked like a damn fool laughing my ass off in the middle of the store.

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